About us

Swegz Tradelink- Upgrading the world to a better trading system

Swegz Tradelink is a registered Nigerian firm (RC:300000) based in Abeokuta, Ogun state. We started with the major goal of making cryptocurrency and gift cards Trade seamless, which we have achieved and doing more. With the upsurge in the cryptocurrency market and also the remarkable publicity gift cards have achieved over the years, we aim at creating a digitally secured platform that is not only fast but reliable. We are focused on the buying and selling of bitcoins and gift cards in the Nigerian market, with Abeokuta being our largest market. The aim is to become the largest and safest trading platform in Southwest Nigeria.

Get to know something about cryptocurrency.

Just like our regular currency, crypto is another currency but a virtual and digital one which can be used by individuals or organizations. Unlike our regular currencies, cryptos are decentralized and allow users to make secure financial transactions while shielding their identity. The first of this currency is bitcoin which was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, presently there are thousands of alternative coins which can also be used for transactions just like bitcoins.


“Your legit plug for all transactions.”

Vision statement

To become the largest and safest Trade exchange platform across Southwest Nigeria by bringing value to your fingertips.

Mission statement

Swegz Tradelink is committed to offering the best cryptocurrency and gift cards trading services to our clients. We are focused on providing a reliable, efficient and secure platform that will be accessed with ease across Southwest Nigeria and beyond.

Value statement

We strive for the best at Swegz Tradelink, mediocrity is never an option for us. We are committed to building a brand that is; Reliable: You can count on us, any time or day without delay. Fast: Speed is never underrated, paying attentions to your demands as fast as possible is the goal. Secure: We are dedicated to ensuring your financial transactions are secure. Inclusive: We value people and give equal attention to all our clients despite the diversity.